8'x5' Flat Tru-Fit 3.0 Display

Need to showcase your brand in a smaller space? Then the Tru-Fit 3.0 8’ Flat Table Top Display is a great choice! The vibrant dye sub graphics draw attention from near and far! Tradeshows, storefronts, offices or any other type of event are the perfect place to use this display.

For additional customization, add a custom dye sub printed graphic for your podium conversion (AC-700 case only).

The Tru-Fit line of displays is knows for its lightweight construction and general portability, and has been engineered for easy assembly. The Tru-Fit 3.0 models have upgraded frames, containing NO plastic, and larger push pins and thicker tubes for easy handling. Plus, upgraded case options! This model requires only 1 person for setup and takes about 10 minutes. At 45 (AC-210) or 80 (AC-700) pounds, this display can be checked onto some airlines. (Please be sure to check with your airline for regulations and oversize fees.)